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Initially, I had a larger bathroom upstairs (connected to Dina’s room, making her room the master bedroom), but I didn’t like how small it made Nina’s room, so I shrunk it slightly. I kind of like how opening up the upstairs landing like this makes that diagonal wall more useable, though; it feels less constrictive this way.

Now that I’ve worked the floorplan, I guess that means it’s time to start decorating…


DOWNLOAD - Ella Bed Blanket Edit MM ( will pick up Maxis Bedding Recolors)


DOWNLOAD - Ella Bed Blanket Edit MM ( will pick up Maxis Bedding Recolors)


Horses!  All the horses forever!

These are Beck’s animated, rideable horses & ponies default-replaced & recolored to match Dragonslave’s horse colors.  Since the body & the mane are different recolorable channels that pull their textures out of the same file, I’ve used some of the body recolors to host one-sided manes (instead of splitting down the middle all of the mane falls to the left side).  The saddled horse mesh does not use two channels for the mane & tail, so some of the horse recolors will look really goofy on the saddled mesh.  Sorry.

I’ve also fixed some minor meshing issues with the legs & tail on the horses and ponies and removed the seam down the middle of the back/chest of the horses, as well as making the ponies a little bit thicker with slightly shorter necks so they’re actually, you know, ponies & not miniature horses.  They’re still not perfect, but they’re a little improved & hopefully I’ve added enough variety to brighten your day for a while.

My Stuff - Download Here

Becks Horses (Link)
From the original download you need files: “BecksFarmAnimal-StrawBed”, “BecksFarmHorse-Brush”, “BecksFarmHorse-FeedTrough”, “BecksFamrHorse-FoodTroughSack”, “BecksFarmHorse-HayRake”, “BecksFarmHorse-NPC”, “BecksFarmHorse-PurchaseSignPost”, “BecksFarmHorse-Saddled-Mesh”, “BecksFarmHorse-Sounds”, “BecksFarmHorse-Tombstone”, “BecksFarmHorse-WaterTrough”, “BecksFarmPony-NPC”

All of the rest of the files in the package can be deleted, mine are meant to replace them.

Custom Age Mod for the Sims 2


I uploaded the custom age mod that I’m using hereBeth wanted it :)

2 sim days = 1 year

Baby – 2 days, celebrating 1st birthday when aging up to Toddler

Toddler – 6 days, celebrating 4th birthday when aging up to Child

Child – 18 days, celebrating 13th birthday when aging up to Teen

Teen – 10 days, celebrating 18th birthday when aging up to Adult

Adult – 84 days, celebrating 60th birthday when aging up to Elder

Elder – I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with that age group but they live long enough.

Everything important should be included in the .rar. Enjoy!

Thanks so much Kalisa! This’ll be great for my new hood!! 








ts2 people: not counting legacy style gameplay, how many families do yall balance at once?

i used to play by having 10+ families, most of which i could not really stand but had to keep them aged right, and keeping them all…

I have 86 families in my Uberhood. All is well so far.

0_0 wh. how.

Kalisa confirmed for Too Powerful

I counted and there are 92 households in my Uberhood, not 86 like I thought (University households included). I probably should mention that I’ve only played one sim week with each household so far so it’s not like I’m at generation 3 or something BUT I do feel that everything is more or less under control and balanced.

2 sim days equals 1 year in my game and from now I’m going to play 2-day rounds instead of playing a whole week at once - one-week-rounds stopped being okay when Tank and Ripp Grunt both had moved to college (although Tank is older) and I still had 3 days of the week left to play with their dad and brother and I didn’t like how things were :P

Also, I’m using a custom age mod: Pregnancy - 36 hours (9 months), Baby - 2 days (one year), Toddler - 6 days (3 years/1-4), Child - 18 days (9 years/4-13), Teen - 10 days (5 years/13-18) and Adult - 84 days (42 years/18-60).

One semester at university lasts for 48 hours so for young adults 1 year (one round) = 4 sim days. They have awfully lot of studying to do.

Okay, I’m kind of crazy.

Would you consider sharing your mod? That sounds super intuitive Kalisa! 

I meant the recolors of the dress with the closed skirt but thanks anyway :)

Those are theraven’s. 

Hello beth! I was wondering if you'd be willing to share your tenshii infant gown/onesie recolors? They're really lovely

I’ve already shared these: 

Theraven has a lot at moonlightdragon though, and that’s where most of my baby clothes come from. 




Hello everyone. ♥ Since I’ve finally returned to simming, my first order of business was to revamp some skins to suit my picky self. 

I got sick of my ever-cluttered skins panel, so I smooshed together my favourite parts of all of them. Huckleberry Pie comes in default and non-default varieties, as well as an asian version because I like everything to be matchy matchy.

The skin works for both genders and all ages except baby, and toddlers and children don’t have the nose definition because I thought it looked weird on them. 

The non-default comes in the three basic EA tones plus Pooklet’s darker toned ramp, and the asian non-default comes in two ramps, a rosy one and a peachy one. All of the non-default skins will show up as hot pink dots in CAS, hopefully easy enough to pick out of a crowd.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these and please let me know if there’s anything amiss! 





noodle/svmblr (base, nose, eyelids), neuroticrobotic (nostrils), nilou (nose shading), buffy (body details), sk-sims (nose contour), pleyita (asian lids), pooklet (tone ramp)

Just in case… Maybe
will download it and keep it for me ;)



3T2 Conversions from Outdoor Living Stuff:

IMPORTANT: Some objects are improved versions from previous conversions. I do not include them. I will try to get the permission from amovitamsim, N99, TNW, HW to include their improved meshes.

So some packages are recolours from original objects that you can found here.

KITCHEN - Download:

  • Barbaque
  • Stove
  • Fridge
  • Counter
  • Counter Island

Fixed: Now all objects are visible from neighbourhood view.

SEATING - Download:

  • Dining Chair
  • Barstool
  • Chair Living
  • Chair Lounge
  • Loveseat

DINING - Download:

  • Bar
  • Cart
  • Coffetable (Addon)
  • Dining Table
  • End Table
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Fruit Bowl
  • Patio Bowl
  • Terrarium
  • Terrarium Floor


  • Easel
  • Radio
  • Telescope
  • TV
  • Umbrella (Umbrellas are very funny!)

LAMPS - Download:

  • Table Lamp
  • Wall Lamp
  • Ceiling Lamp
  • Tealights
  • Floor Lamp

PLANTS - Download:

  • Agave
  • Little Agave (Addon)
  • Planter
  • Big Planter (Addon)

BUILD - Download:

  • Fence Gate
  • Firepit Patio
  • Firepit Square
  • Fireplace 1x1
  • Fireplace 2x1

Look at the tiny greenhouses!




- September 14th 2004

Happy 10th Anniversary, The Sims 2
Thank-you for a decade of immeasurable fun

Happy big 10 to the best Sim game EVER!

Happy 10th Anniversary to the game that has given me endless hours of pure entertainment!  Where would we be without you?